Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here's the photo of the new ship for the SSEAYP 36th 2009.
As the ship will stop in Malaysia this year, so it will be a few country program held around KL.
Because the ship will stop at Port Klang,Selangor. @ Star Cruise terminal.
From 19th to 22nd November, i'll be involved in the country program management
as i help the Homestay Commitee works.

Insya Allah i'll upload the photos of the event photos after the ceremony ended.
There are a lot of differences about Fuji Maru and my beloved Nippon Maru ship.
Of course Nippon Maru ship- cruise ship is more more more grand and luxury compared to Fuji Maru-the training ship.

( Yeayy! I just finished my final exam just now! Will be back to JB next week after finishing this country program works. So excited! =))

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