Tuesday, October 20, 2009

21st October 2008! Happy 1st Anniversary all PYs '08:)

Ohh..it's been a year after my SSEAYP life experience!
Happy 1st Anniversary to all 35th SSEAYP PYs;)

One year ago..
Malaysia Contingent consists of 28 Youth Ambassadors and 1 National Leader
had departure to Narita Airport, Japan from KLIA at about 10am.

With the sleepless night on the day before (because of packing our luggage) ,
we went to the KLIA at about 7am..
Regardless the sadness to leave the love ones in Malaysia,
We looks strong because of our mission for Malaysia.
We're excited as for us it's the first experience to go to Japan and sailing for 52days:)

We arrived Japan in evening about 6pm i think.
Cant remember he exact time but i know it's evening.
It's so unbelievable that we already arrived Japan!JAPAN! The most admireable country.
before waiting to take all our luggage, we have to queue up a long line just to fill in many forms since it was our 1st time in Japan, and because of the SSEAYP program.
and it contains the important things and main clothing for the program.
and yes, we have to wait for sometime to make a report to the airport officer,
and after it settled, we moved to our hotel,
Sheraton Miyako Hotel, Tokyo.

Eventhough we're a bit tired because the long sleep in the plane,
but we're really excited when we get into the bus on the way to the hotel.
Our Country Admin, Masa San and Mii Chan welcoming us to Japan with their short brief about the programme and we get 1500 Yen for each person from the organizer.

And we're really fascinated with the surrounding along the road as we can see the view of Tokyo Tower, Tokyo bridge and some other building that i cant remember.

After about 30minutes to 1hour, we arrived at our hotel,
and we'll be informed that our contingent is the last contingent which arrived on the day.
Meaning that some of the other contingent arrived early in the morning.
Woahh.Meaning that they might already walk around the city for a half day.May be.
But it's okay, we're really excited and can't wait to wait for the next morning to meet the other contingent! (because we're not allowed to come out without permission)
and that 1st night in the hotel, we had our 1st contingent meeting :)

and yeah, we had the 1st dinner box,the 1st Japanese food that we eat in Japan.
it contains some sushi and some sticky rice which i can't really eat it,and a cute drink.
coz it's my 1st time to eat sushi tho.
so it's a bit hard to swallow it.
luckily they provide a banana too.
so i just eat the banana and them get some Maggi noodles later on.

ouch it's really memorable! ;D
we'll be continue with what's happened the next day.
(if i feel free to write)

i'm sure u guys had a different stories about your contingent-1st-day-in Japan!

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