Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last day of SSEAYP2008. In Nippon Maru.

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Still fresh in my mind about this HATED-DAY for all participants of SSEAYP08.
The day we have to leave each other.
The mourn morning.
We even didn't sleep the night before, as we don't want the 11th December 2008- morning to come.
We spent our time together. The precious time. The last time of SSEAYP08.

I can still imagine, how bad i cry.I cant even look back the PYs when we're about to leave the ship, coz it hurts. Malaysia leave Nippon Maru at 6.30 a.m i think. Among the earliest.Then from the Tokyo Port we went to the airport.How everyone in my contingent seems so quite at the airport until we arrived our HOME, Malaysia. How sad to leave Nippon Maru. How sad to leave 330 friends.How sad to leave my cabin and cabinmates. How sad to leave Japan for sure.

Credit to Ly Minh Quan VPY08 , my Vietnam friend, and Teppy JPY08, my Japan friends for this video.

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